Robots for events, trade shows and product presentations

Robots for events and trade shows are a magnet for visitors. This is due to the fact that processes and products always attract an audience when they are in motion. Innovative, future-oriented companies and event organisers rely on robotics to make their values come alive. And hardly anything makes us feel that in the same way as robots. You might think that only big companies can afford that sort of thing. That used to be the case. Thanks to Low Cost Robotics, even small and medium-sized companies can buy or rent robots cost-effectively.

You can't see how you can use a robot for events or product presentations? Be inspired by the following examples.

Robots for trade shows

There are processes, procedures or features that differentiate your product from competition, but which cannot be credibly conveyed with text or a static image. An example is reliable automated quality control. 100% testing of electrical components such as circuit boards.

The complete solution is available from £7,223.80.

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Your product should not be touched? Software or video game manufacturers find it particularly difficult to present their latest developments in an entertaining way. A hologram fan that is moved by a robot is a highlight at every trade show.

The complete solution costs £5,500.00.

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Robots for event catering

A Barista robot provides a special kind of coffee. However, it doesn't only have hot drinks under control. Depending on the character of the event, the robot also dispenses beer or food.

The complete solution is available from just £12,585.28.

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The "ChocoMatic" is an automatic chocolate selection device with an igus robot arm. It is mounted on an igus guide. The customer controls a robot with a tablet or his own smartphone, which compiles the individual selection for the customer from a pallet of different chocolates and places it in a box. These applications are all about interaction between the customer and the robot.

All robotic components are available for £15,839.24.

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Robots for retail

Bring your shop window to life. Whether rotating, pivoting or linear, robots give you the full range of motion to tell your story.

The complete solution is available from just £12,065.45.

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Buy or rent a robot: what does it cost?

  • Buy a robot: configure your solution and get a transparent offer immediately. The RBTXpert will advise you on your individual application free of charge via video call.

  • Rent a robot: test before invest - with us, this also applies to event robotics. Reach out to us if you would like to rent a robot including a cell for an event. Depending on the robot and application, we will calculate the price and provide you with a transparent quotation.